Ship Store


Ship Store

In the last few years, the competition between the ship supply companies has increased tempering the war of prices against obtaining more clients, some supply companies sacrificing their actual values make deals at quite low prices obviously offering declined quality products

So we decided to establish a new ship store to keep giving our clients high quality and reliable services to ensure safe & with most up to date trusted quality supplies with fair prices and high quality

Eagle ship store is the first specialized company in Egypt We have a huge warehouse including more than 50000 items for marine use based on imported ready items and contracts with best factories around the world to fulfill our clients' orders according to marine specification and in a short time.

We successfully achieved to have a good stock in storage for the most of products which needed to your fleet according to different catalogues such as i.m.p.a - i.s.s.a - kloska - kreger ...etc. and we decided to deliver our values with only first class services fast, well trained staff, selective purchases, competitive prices, reliability, best terms of payment cover all ports and shipyards in Egypt for you. Also we experienced team to provide you and also give suggestions and creative alternatives options for each department from ship supply categories as the following: