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We are committed to deliver our values only first-class timely Services.

  • Quality Control System
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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We offer best types of services

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Provision Supply

supply your vessels with a huge range of quality products at competitive prices.

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Ship Store A-Z

Our store is the first specialized in Egypt We have a huge warehouse including more than 50000 items.

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Off Shore Supply

We serve offshore platforms in Egyptian sea cost water area.

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Ship Repair

can offer timely ship repair and servicing with qualified specialists and workers.

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Marine Contractors

Renting equipment such as pumps, heaters, generators, forklift, portable lighting, car & bus.

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Logistics & Warehousing

We provide storage, consolidation, and transportation of marine equipment and ship spares,owner's goods.

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Expertise Areas

Why Eagle Marine Service?

Eagle marine Service established the first ship store in Egypt for guarantee for ship owners 1- the availability and 2- the quality of goods and items all the year.
These 2 issues were always irritating for ship suppling in Egypt as quality of local items is not for marine use and most of items also not always available.
We import, store, guarantee marine-specialized high quality items in our warehouses all the year

  • The first A~Z ship store in Egypt
  • The most trusted ship supplier in Egypt (favorite for many ships owners)
  • We never sacrifice quality
  • Competitive prices are a promise
  • You guarantee the best value
  • You are covered in all Egyptian ports
  • We deliver on time never late 24/7
  • Payment facilities will amaze you
  • We keep your supplies green/7

We offer best types of services for our great customers

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Our Vision

To be the most trusted ship supplies store in Egypt with a world-class quality of goods and services.